The Top 5 Android Productivity Apps


There is no shortage of productivity apps for Android but which are the best? Clearly, not every Android app is as beautiful or as polished as some iOS or Windows apps. However, some Android apps are entirely in a league of their own in terms of productivity, especially for users who have root access to their device. Here are the top five productivity apps for Android.


1. Advanced Mobile Care

This free app contains ten features include scanning, cleaning, antivirus, task killer, battery saver, game speeder, app manager and anti-theft. With just one touch, Android users can scan their device for open tasks, junk files, big files, residual files and privacy records. Another touch cleans the device helping to improve speed and battery life. Users can set up anti-theft and cloud backup functions and either retrieve or remotely delete data from their lost or stolen device via Real-time virus protection protects users form malware and suspicious apps attack. This app helps any Android user stay productive by automating key tasks.


2. Tasker

You have probably heard of this before. You create a profile and set up different tasks to automate them. Android users use Tasker to help reduce the amount of inputs they need to use to control their device. For example, if you want to charge your android device at night while you sleep, there are certain inputs you would have to do manually. These include setting the screen brightness to zero, turning Wi-Fi off, and turning silent mode on. With Tasker, you can simply create a ‘Night’ profile that does these things automatically when selected.


3. Pushbullet

This app transfers information between an android device and any computer. This app relies on web browser extensions to send and receive information. You can send any type of data between different internet capable devices. Any type or size can be transferred via Pushbullet.


4. AirDroid
Any Android user who spends their days chained to a desk will have experienced the frustration of having to switch between their large monitor and smaller mobile device. AirDroid lets you access your phone via a larger monitor. It gives a preview of your phone status through a web portal and shows you all files stored on your device without have to connect it. AirDroid users can mirror their android device’s screen on their monitor, swap or upload files without any physical connection. Take a file or URL, drag to a box in or even capture a screen shot if you have rooted your device.


5. LastPass

This app lets you generate and store passwords for any accounts you have. It costs $12 per year but means you will never be hassled for a password again, dramatically increasing your productivity. You do not even have to think up new passwords, as LastPass will use the preferences you input to create and store passwords for you. This app does make it a hassle to switch over to using a new device but will save time in the long run.

photo credit: ”Number 5 Street Falmouth” by Christopher Sessums on Flickr. CC Licensed