Why Businesses need Mobile Apps?


Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous all over the world and Ireland & UK is no exception. Surveys reveal that more than 50% of Irish adults possess a smartphone. But, Irish companies have largely ignored the popularity of mobile phones thus far. This is a pity, because large and small businesses can use mobile apps to create a closer bond with their customers. Apps can also be used to get valuable feedback and suggestions from the clientele. Technology-savvy firms would do well to use mobile apps as well as develop a mobile-friendly website to get ahead of competitors.


Benefits of a Mobile App for Businesses

Companies can benefit from a practical mobile app in the following ways:

– They can engage better with their customers.
– Firms can use the app to promote their offerings.
– The mobile app in the phone will keep reminding customers about the company or brand.
– Push notification functionality is very efficient for keeping the customers engaged and updated about the next coming events.
– They can get valuable feedback on customer profiles, shopping habits, and preferences.


How to Use a Mobile App to Promote Your Company

Customers who download a company’s app can be treated with extra care as they have evinced interest in creating a closer relationship with the firm. They can be converted into loyal customers by offering them customized rewards and treatment.


Retail businesses can create an app to find out the GPS location of users, and offer discounts and coupons to those who reside near their outlets. A trendy and useful app can enhance a firm’s brand image. Customers will get the idea that the company is clued into the latest technology, and strives to offer the best service possible by going the extra mile.


It is more convenient to surf the Internet on a smartphone than on a desktop, as you can carry the mobile phone everywhere. For this reason, companies must create apps that provide the same services as their website. This will make it more convenient for customers to use a company’s online services. Consumers can use the app to create their personal wish list, browse through offerings, and pay on the go.


A useful mobile app can help a company provide better customer service to its customers. Consumers can use the application to get the latest news, information, and updates about the firm’s products or services. They can also seek help for any issues that might be affecting them.


How to Develop a Practical and Effective App

A company should seek the services of a proven mobile application developing firm that has plenty of experience in the field. The business should communicate what exactly it needs from the app, and ask whether its requirements can be met.The cost of developing a useful mobile app depends on factors such as its functions, complexity, platforms and the fee charged by the company. It is crucial to focus on value and not entirely on price.



It is estimated that users of mobile media spend more than 80% of their time on apps. Companies who have not paid heed to the mobile revolution thus far, need to realise that their competitors have gained a head start over them in this aspect. So, jump on the bandwagon, and develop your own simple and effective mobile app to get ahead.